Wi-Fi Direct on Linux

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Scheduled: Friday, November 5, 2010 from 11:40am – 12:25pm in President's Ballroom

One Line Summary

Learn about Wi-Fi Direct and support on Linux


Wi-Fi Direct is an upcoming Wi-Fi Alliance standard for ad-hoc wireless networking using IEEE 802.11 devices. It seeks to revolutionize the way we use our wireless devices by making it easy to discover and communicate with devices based on services they offer.

After touching on the basics of Wi-Fi Direct and its use cases, this presentation will explore how the new features are (being) implemented in Linux and how applications can take advantage of the new feature that are being added.


kernel, services, wireless, 802.11, wi-fi direct, ad-hoc network

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    Johannes has been working on wireless support in the Linux kernel for almost five years, and in that time has worked on virtually all wireless code present in the kernel. Johannes joined Intel’s wireless team in 2009 where he is working on the Intel wireless drivers while continuing to support development of the generic components of the wireless stack in Linux.

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