An In-Depth Look: Live Kernel Patching Microconference

As our series of microconferences explained continues, here is Live Kernel Patching.

There has been a great deal of interest in live kernel patching (see this article) over the past few months, with several different approaches proposed, including CRIU+kexec, kGraft, and kpatch, all in addition to ksplice. This microconference will host discussions on required infrastructure (including tracing, checkpoint/restart, kexec, and live patching), along with expositions and comparisons of the various approaches. The purpose, believe it or not, is to work towards a common implementation that everyone can live with. It should be a spirited discussion!
For more details, please see the 2014 LPC wiki.

Please join us at this microconference!

(Thanks to Paul McKenney for help with the post)