LPC 2014 Is Almost Full

The LCP 2014 Planning Committee would like to thank all of you that have registered so far for this year’s conference. We would like to remind everyone that the Linux Plumbers Conference sets a limit on the number of attendees, in the interest of creating an environment conductive to planning, productive interaction and making progress towards the solution of technical problems, with focused meetings and exchanges. Like in past years, we are enforcing a hard limit on the number of registrations for LPC 2014.

We are very rapidly approaching our attendance limit, this year faster than in any past editions of the conference. We expect that the conference general registration will be sold out soon, possibly even within a few days. If you have a vested interest in participating in the discussions, please register now, to guarantee that you will obtain a ticket for the conference. To register please follow the instructions on our Attend Page.

As usual if you have any questions feel free to please contact us.