Andrzej Pietrasiewicz

Andrzej Pietrasiewicz

Samsung R&D Institute Poland


Andrzej Pietrasiewicz graduated from Warsaw University of Technology,
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw, Poland in 2002.
From then on he had been developing command and control systems for air defense
in C++ for over 5 years. Then for 3 years he had been involved in various
smaller projects and the development of an Eclipse-based IDE. For the last three
years he has been working on the Linux kernel.

Andrzej is the original author of the s5p-jpeg driver and has also significantly contributed to converting USB gadgets and functions
to configfs.

Although this is his debut at any Linux (and international) conference,
for almost a year he has been successfully delivering a 5-hours kernel programming
introduction training with hands-on sessions to his fellow employees
at Samsung R&D Institute Poland, his current employer.

Married, father of two sons.