Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 Tracks



Constraint Framework

Constraint Framework track focuses on the identification of useful abstractions and possible designs of extensions to PM_QOS to deal with new constraint classes and operational limits to subsystem performance.

Lead: Mark Gross


Containers track focuses on Linux Containers and related technologies: namespaces, cgroups, resource management, checkpoint-restore, etc.

Lead: Kir Kolyshkin

Core OS

The Linux Plumbers 2011 Core OS track is focusing on everything that allows userspace to boot and to continue running. We want to focus on the most basic, central building blocks of our OSes: the stuff that sits on top the kernel and below the applications and glues everything together, more specifically: the init system, device management, system startup, initial ram disks, and everything else that is necessary to get userspace running and make sure it continues running. This is supposed to be the successor for last years “Boot & Init” track, with a slightly broader topic, acknowledging that just starting the system is seldom enough, what also matters is keeping it running (and even shutting it down, too).

Lead: Kay Sievers

File and Storage Systems

The File and Storage microconference is going to be a double session so we can fit a wide range of topics in. Anything is fair game - traditional or new file and storage systems, configuration and management, user space file systems, network file systems and anything else that can store your data (or lose it when done badly!).

Lead: Ric Wheeler

Kernel Summit

Kernel summit day 3 sessions

Lead: Theodore Ts'o





Lead: Tom Herbert

Real Time

Real-Time track focuses on general Real-Time issues and related technologies.


Refereed Presentations

Refereed Tracks - Presentations of interest to the plumbing community



Scaling track focuses on scalability, both upwards and downwards as well as up and down the stack.

Lead: Paul McKenney


Scheduler track is focusing on the on-going modification in the scheduler and all links that should be updated or created with other framework in order to improve the scheduling decision.



Tracing Minisummit



Virtualization track focuses on general Linux Virt and related technologies.


PLEASE NOTE The Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 schedule is still in a draft format and is subject to changes at any time.