20-24 September 2021
US/Pacific timezone


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MC

24 Sep 2021, 07:00


Creating diverse communities requires effort and commitment to creating inclusive and welcoming spaces. Recognizing that communities which adopt inclusive language and actions attract and retain more individuals from diverse backgrounds, the Linux kernel community adopted inclusive language in Linux 5.8 release. Understanding if this sort of change has been effective is a topic of active research. This MC will take a pulse of the Linux kernel community as it turns 30 this year and discuss some next steps. Experts from the DEI research community will share their perspectives, together with the perspectives from the Linux community members.

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Kate Stewart (Linux Foundation) , Shuah Khan
24/09/2021, 07:00
Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation)
24/09/2021, 10:40
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