13-15 November 2018
America/Vancouver timezone


Device Tree MC

14 Nov 2018, 09:00
Pavillion-Ballroom-D (Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center)


Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center



Binding and Devicetree Source/DTB Validation: update and next steps
Binding specification format
Validation Process and Process
How to validate overlays
Devicetree Specification: update and next steps

Reducing devicetree memory and storage size


Bootloader and Linux kernel implementation update
Remaining blockers and issues
Use cases
Devicetree compiler (dtc)

Next version of DTB/FDT format
Motivated by desire to replace metadata being encoded as normal data (metadata for overlays)
Other desired changes should be considered
Boot and Run-time Configuration
Pain points and needs
Multi-bus devices

Feedback from the trenches

how DTOs are used in embedded devices in practice
in U-Boot and Linux
in systems with FPGAs
Use of devicetrees in small code/data space (e.g. U-Boot SPL)

Connector node bindings

FPGA issues

Presentation Materials

Frank Rowand, Mr Sean Hudson (OpenEmbedded & The Yocto Project)
14/11/2018, 09:00
Frank Rowand, Mr Sean Hudson (OpenEmbedded & The Yocto Project)
14/11/2018, 09:10
Mr Rob Herring (Linaro)
14/11/2018, 09:25
Frank Rowand, Mr Simon Glass (Google)
14/11/2018, 10:15
Frank Rowand, Mr Sean Hudson (OpenEmbedded & The Yocto Project)
14/11/2018, 10:50
Frank Rowand
14/11/2018, 11:10
Alan Tull (Intel), Mr Moritz Fischer
14/11/2018, 11:40
Frank Rowand, Sean Hudson (OpenEmbedded & The Yocto Project)
14/11/2018, 12:10
Mr Rob Herring (Linaro)
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