24-28 August 2020
US/Pacific timezone

Continuous Integration for mainline Real-Time Linux

24 Aug 2020, 09:00
Microconference3/Virtual-Room (LPC Virtual)


LPC Virtual

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Mr Bastian Germann


Soon, the Real-Time Linux project will have its PREEMPT_RT patches in mainline Linux. One part of the Real-Time Linux collaboration project is its continuous integration system CI-RT (https://github.com/ci-rt) with one known lab running (https://ci-rt.linutronix.de).

In this talk, a possible way how to run the existing CI-RT tests on mainline Linux will be presented. Additionally, possible real-time test introduction for other, wider-spread test frameworks like Kernel CI will be discussed so that real-time regressions can be found as soon as possible and the awareness of Linux's real-time capabilities and their implications for development is raised amongst kernel hackers. Also, this aims at testing with a larger hardware variety in other labs.

The audience is invited to participate in a moderated discussion on the talk's topic and is encouraged to bring up any additional ideas on it.

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